Sunday, May 20, 2012

Strike Strikes Nepal

Another day; another strike. It is getting hopeless in Nepal.
Today strike has become a sole means of demanding one’s rights. We hardly find a month passing by without a strike or two. It is not fair to give thousands of people pain for the justice of a small group. These frequent strikes have made life more difficult for people.Will this strike streak ever end? Will the constitution be written?

Normal life has been affected in the capital Kathmandu and some other parts of the due to Nepal bandh (nationwide shutdown).The pro-monarchist party called the strike against the proposed provision for 'secularism' in the new constitution.
Some marketplaces have been shut down and educational institutions in central areas of Kathmandu have also been closed due to the strike. There were also strikes for the last few days in most parts of the Terai called by different ethnic groups. 

People don't understand why don't these political leader's cancel proposed provision for 'secularism' when the whole nation is against it.There has been a lots of post in the Facebook about these topic. we hate strike in nepal has started the campaign to protest against this. Yet no improvement has been seen. Yet according to the latest rumors, it is said that the government has released a public notice on the cyber crime, to stop the protest in the social networking site.What do you think is it?  Have they gone mad?